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joe polillio

Aging Out: When Autistic Kids Grow Up

Increased understanding of autism has vastly improved services for youths on the spectrum. But what happens when those kids turn 21?

By Leslie Garisto Pfaff

Christopher Lane

Cannabis Conundrum: Parents Question NJ's Medical Pot Policies

Medical marijuana provides relief for epileptic kids. So why does New Jersey make it so hard for young patients to benefit from the state’s pot program?

By Joanna Buffum

Jersey Choice: Top Doctors 2014

These are the doctors who are most-often recommended by their peers. Is your doc on the list? Click here to access our Top Doctor's Database directly.

NJ Preps for Ebola: Some Question Our Readiness

As Ebola fears heighten worldwide, New Jersey hospitals, doctors and other health care professionals are busily reviewing infection-control policies, ordering protective gear, educating personnel and advising travelers about the outbreak of the potentially deadly virus.

By Jill P. Capuzzo


Growth Business: Inside Montclair's Medical Marijuana Dispensary

In a nondescript storefront, professional “budtenders” dispense Jersey-raised cannabis to patients.

By Joanna Buffum

Matt Furman Photography

Team Players: Consolidating Practices

New Jersey is still a state of small medical practices, but that’s changing rapidly. Under the pressure of health care reform, doctors are rushing to consolidate—with each other and with hospitals.

By Wayne J. Guglielmo

Vaccines For Life

Modern medicine provides inoculations against disease for each stage of life. Here’s what you need to know about the shots that can help keep your family healthy.

By Amanda Staab

Photo by John Emerson.

Top Dentists

Inside the Modern Dental Office

We are witnessing a revolution in dentistry. Today’s dentists are armed with diagnostic tools and computer-aided techniques that help them detect dental problems and achieve improved results.

By Amanda Staab

Illustration by Gracia Lam.

Combine Or Decline: Mergers And Consolidations Impact The Health Care Ecosystem

To survive in the new cost-cutting health care landscape, large hospital systems gobble up smaller ones and independent facilities merge. Experts see benefits for consumers, but risks as well.

By Wayne J. Guglielmo

Photo by Colin Archer/Agency New Jersey.

To Test Or Not To Test? Comprehensive Information About Screening Procedures

Despite vast advances in medical technology, confusion reigns over when to apply many common medical tests. Here’s what you need to know about routine screening procedures.

By Leslie Garisto Pfaff

Illustration by James Worrell.

Choosing A Doc: Know Your ABCs

The complex and confusing alphabet soup of degrees and titles doctors attach to their names presents a challenge for consumers. Here’s our guide to decoding them.

By Amanda Staab

Photo by Sandra Nissen.

Horse Sense: Riding Therapy Proves To Be A Salutary Recreation

For people with neurological disorders, therapy on horseback can provide the stimulation needed to improve motor skills, speech and more.

By Mary Ann McGann

Photo by Jill Chen/Getty Images.

When Food Bites Back: What To Do About Pesky Food Allergies

More kids each year are being diagnosed with food allergies—yet treatment and prevention remain elusive.

By Jill P. Capuzzo

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