6 Social Media Influencers From New Jersey Who Are Driving the Conversation

These digital stars tell millions of Instagram and TikTok followers what they should eat, watch, buy and find funny.

Instagram and TikTok aren’t just apps on your phone. They’re how some people, including New Jerseyans, make a living through brand partnerships, paid posts and gigs that transcend social media. These platforms are filled with millions of users, hashtags, and posts on every topic imaginable, highlighted by a group of content creators and influencers who, simply put, influence the conversation—what to eat, what to watch, what to buy, what to find funny.

In the social media age, these people are our reality stars, and they are at the forefront of pop culture. Here are six Jersey stars to know now.

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Eli Rallo, 25

TikTok: @elirallo (809K followers)
Instagram: @eli.rallo (128K followers)

Eli Rallo

Eli Rallo Photo: Courtesy of Marisa Silva

She has countless rules on how to feel your best—and you didn’t know you needed to hear them.

Monmouth County native and Jersey City resident Eli Rallo is a writer turned content creator turned published author, all in a matter of three years. When Rallo posted a TikTok in May 2020 of her family’s large snack jar, she blew up—and viewers stuck around for her big sister-like life advice and infectious personality. “I really just see myself as somebody who makes the kind of content that I would want to watch and that appeals to me,” she says.

Her goal was “never make a career out of just TikTok,” but to “use it as leverage” for her writing, she says. In December, Rallo released her first book, I Didn’t Know I Needed This, outlining rules to elevate relationships and find yourself. She also has a podcast called Miss Congeniality.

Rallo’s father, Victor, is a Jersey restauranteur and wine critic; he runs NJM fave Undici Taverna Rustica in Rumson as well as Birravino in Red Bank.

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Olivia “Livvy” Dunne, 21

TikTok: @livvy (7.9M followers)
Instagram: @livvydunne (4.9M followers)

Olivia Dunne

Olivia Dunne Photo: Cal Sport Media/Alamy

This Louisiana State University gymnast tumbled her way from Hillsdale to international stardom. With millions of followers, Livvy Dunne has become one of the most famous influencers out there—not to mention the highest-paid female athlete in college sports. Her talent, skill and beauty have led to brand deals and other opportunities unfamiliar to most college students.

Dunne’s content captures her life as a gymnast, model (often posing in swimsuits) and fashion influencer. In 2023, Rolling Stone named her one of its 20 most influential creators, making Jersey proud.

Salvatore “Sally Slices” Mandreucci, 26

TikTok: @sallyslices (4.2M followers)
Instagram: @sallyslices_ (1.6M followers)

Salvatore Mandreucci dons an apron and holds a wooden pizza paddle in the kitchen

Salvatore Mandreucci Photo: Courtesy of Will Politano

There’s nothing more Jersey than pizza, and TikTok now knows Salvatore “Sally Slices” Mandreucci as one of the state’s favorite pizzaiolos. He works at Marcello’s Pizza Grill in Hamilton Square with his Sicilian father, its owner and namesake.

His content draws viewers in with his charming pizza-making skills and inspirational quotes, often intertwined.

Meredith Hayden, 27

TikTok: @wishbonekitchen (2.2M followers) and @meredith_hayden (186K followers)
Instagram: @wishbonekitchen (1.1M followers)

Better known by her social media handle and brand, Wishbone Kitchen, Wyckoff native Meredith Hayden began by posting videos documenting her life as a private chef for families in the ritzy Hamptons. It wasn’t long before she gained a following. In the fall, she stepped away from her chef day job to focus on her debut cookbook, set to drop in 2025. She still posts recipes, hauls and life updates.

Jessica Hawk, 54

TikTok: @myteacherface (643K followers)
Instagram: @myteacherface (202K followers)

Influencer Jessica Hawk

Jessica Hawk Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Hawk

Believe it or not, #TeacherTok is a thing. Jessica Hawk, an English teacher for 30-plus years, shares short videos that feature chats with her students (don’t worry, they’re never on camera), skits with fellow teachers, and more. She works at Delsea Regional High School in Franklinville.

Although she has thousands of fans, Hawk receives lot of harsh comments, too. Why? She is vocal about being happily child-free by choice. “I never wavered, and people have said some horrible things to me over the years,” she says. “All the regrets that people said that I would have in my 50s, I do not have.”

Hawk plans to retire this June, but says she will continue creating content.

Alejandro Zario, 21

TikTok: @alejandrozario (5.1M followers)
Instagram: @alejandrosario (1M followers)

Alejandro Zario

Alejandro Zario Photo: Courtesy of New York Red Bulls

West Paterson native Alejandro Zario has a charming personality, passion for soccer, love for his Costa Rican heritage, and good looks. His content mostly consists of comedy bits, lip-syncing, and having fun with his girlfriend and friends. Zario now lives in Los Angeles, but holds his Jersey roots close.

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