This Rentable Tabletop Service Makes Entertaining a Piece of Cake

Spoon + Salt takes the drudgery out of party planning and clean-up by offering pre-styled table decor for parties, showers and weddings.

Spoon + Salt founders Courtney Curzi Murray and Amy Tomlinson at an outdoor tablescape
Spoon + Salt founders Courtney Curzi Murray (left) and Amy Tomlinson Photo: Courtesy of Kristie Bull

Years after graduation, when former college roommates and renowned soirée-throwers Amy Tomlinson and Courtney Curzi Murray left their lucrative corporate jobs to start an event-planning business, they wanted to keep the party going.

“We still had a passion for entertaining, but realized that adult party planning wasn’t always fun,” says Tomlinson, of Summit. Then the idea came to them: What if someone curated a no-fuss tablescape for event hosts? And what if those hosts didn’t have to stay up late washing dishes and table linens?

In August 2023, they launched Spoon + Salt, a luxury tabletop-rental company, serving most of New Jersey and parts of New York and Pennsylvania. “Our vision is to offer curated tabletop looks in an easy way, delivering complete tabletop decor to our client’s home, then collecting it after the party,” says Murray, of Phillipsburg, a former marketing vice president. Tomlinson, a merchandising and project-management expert, adds, “We also believe this is a good way for clients to recycle, by not having to buy new dishes and linens when hosting an event.”

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The partners offer more than 10 curated tablescape styles, viewing every table as a blank canvas on which to make a creative statement. Their concept is straightforward. Party-throwers browse tabletop designs and choose the one that best fits their occasion, personality and number of guests. The order is placed, and soon a hand-delivered tote bag containing dinnerware, glassware, flatware and linens arrives, along with table-setting tips. After the party, hosts lightly rinse their rented dishware and repack the tote bag to be picked up by Spoon + Salt. Costs range from $120 to $160 for four place settings, plus $35 for round-trip delivery.

“In 2024, we’re adding more colored glassware and napkins to round out our extensive inventory for dinner parties, bridal showers, weddings and more,” says Tomlinson. “Amy and I enjoy what we do and are always available for complimentary design consults.”

“We love to be invited to the party!” Murray adds.

For more information, visit Spoon + Salt’s website, or call 908-818-0400.

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