Liberty Science Center’s Iconic Touch Tunnel Reopens After 3-Year Closure

It went on a three-plus-year hiatus fueled by the pandemic.

Young girl exploring Liberty Science Center's Touch Tunnel
Exploring an unknown environment in the dark makes you realize how much we rely on sight to move through the world. Photo: Courtesy of Liberty Science Center

It’s back!

The Liberty Science Center’s iconic Touch Tunnel has finally reopened after a three-plus-year hiatus fueled by the pandemic.

The Touch Tunnel, which has been a favorite for Liberty Science Center visitors and school groups since its opening in 1993, is a pitch-black, 80-foot tunnel that visitors crawl through with the objective of finding their way out of the darkness.

People must rely on their senses beyond sight to navigate through the tunnel—a challenge for most. “Exploring an unknown environment in the dark makes you realize how much we rely on sight to move through the world,” Liberty Science Center says on its website.

The Touch Tunnel shut down during the pandemic because of its highly interactive element, with visitors needing to touch everything around them, although much of the rest of the science center was open.

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We’re told that the Touch Tunnel is now back by popular demand, and was the most highly requested attraction that visitors wanted to Liberty Science Center bring back.

When the Touch Tunnel opened back up this past weekend, visitors saw some improvements to the attraction, including the fabric on the panels in the tunnel having a better feel.

The Touch Tunnel is included in the price of admission to the Jersey City science center.

Another recent addition to Liberty Science Center is the exhibit “The Science Behind Pixar,” a 10,000-square-foot attraction that explores the famed Pixar filmmaking process. It features more than 50 interactive experiences—including photo opps with favorite characters including Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and Dory from the Finding Nemo series. “The Science Behind Pixar” opened on October 14 and runs through May 5, 2024; the exhibit is not included in general-admission ticket pricing.

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