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Steve Paragioudakis, MD

  • Specialties: Spine Minimally Invasive, Spine Open Repair & Reconstruction

About Dr. Steve Paragioudakis

I am a fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon and have been in practice for more than 20 years. During my training, I found spine surgery to be the most challenging of all specialties in orthopedic surgery. That’s what inspired me to enter this field.


My goal is to provide excellent care to my patients. We take great pride at our practice in choosing the right surgical procedure that each patient requires. That means we are not just proficient in a handful of procedures, we also can perform several dozen types of procedures.


Our practice is at the forefront of the latest robotic-assisted spine surgery, and we are considered among the national leaders in using that technology. We have even pioneered some new techniques that have led to amazing outcomes post-operatively. The benefits for patients of the robotic guidance system include less time in the operating room, shorter hospital stays, and less pain medicine. It also allows us to perform surgeries that we were not previously able to do because of the complexity of some of the revisions. We continue to improve our use of this technology and challenge the robotic system to provide an even wider range of spectacular outcomes.


When a patient books an appointment to see me, I provide the time they need to express their concerns and discuss where they want to see improvement in their quality of life. I can get a very good physical history in each case to evaluate their issues. If surgery is appropriate, we then come up with a detailed and personalized plan. I get to know our patients very well, and they get to know me too. That helps me accomplish what can be very difficult tasks together.