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Changing your physical appearance, whether for medical or cosmetic reasons, can change your life as well. When undergoing such a transformation, it’s critical to work with the most highly skilled surgeons.

New Jersey Monthly is proud to announce the 2024 edition of the Select Surgeons Plastic Surgeons list, an elite grouping of the state’s top doctors performing plastic surgery across 26 procedure categories. This distinction is based on a number of criteria, including experience, qualifications, surgical results, and reputation. Only the top doctors in each category are named to the Select Surgeons Plastic Surgeons list.

The list is based on a 360-degree analysis of potential surgeons, incorporating as much relevant objective information as possible. The selection process targets the top surgeons for 26 different procedures so patients can find the most appropriate surgeon for their needs.  View our methodology here.

Eugenie Brunner, MD, FACS

  • Specialties: Facelift, Liposuction (Face), Resurfacing with Co2 - Erbium Lasers

About Dr. Eugenie Brunner

As the daughter of a Princeton mathematician and a former professional ballet dancer with a strong back-ground in painting, design, and biochemistry, art and science are at my core. These innate disciplines have enabled me to define and hone my cosmetic facial plastic surgery techniques with aesthetic and surgical artistry.


I was born and raised in Princeton, where I have had my own solo practice since 1997. I am double board certified in both head and neck surgery and facial plastic surgery. I am honored to have thousands of loyal patients who look to me for cutting-edge and innovative technology and treatments.


At my practice, patients receive comprehensive care in a warm, elegant boutique environment where they are welcomed promptly and discreetly. My overall approach for cosmetic facial rejuvenation is to determine the patient’s expectations, study their anatomy, and create a precise and clearly articulated plan that provides a natural, refreshed appearance.


I provide comprehensive cosmetic facial rejuvenation services, which include facelifts, eyelid-lifts, and neck-lifts that contour, reshape, and lift. With more than sixteen lasers, I am able to smooth wrinkles and brighten, tighten, and rejuvenate the skin. Finally, I perform non-surgical cosmetic injectable procedures that refine your features and create a proportional, sculpted appearance. The interplay of laser skin treatments, conservative injectable procedures, and refined cosmetic surgery produces long-term results that deliver the most natural, balanced, and refreshed version of yourself without any obvious signs of intervention. Everyone will notice, but no one will know!