Barbie Truck Tour Making a Pit Stop in Cherry Hill; Exclusive Merchandise Available

Head to the Cherry Hill Mall on Saturday, October 14, to snag Barbie-themed apparel and accessories.

Young girls purchasing Barbie-themed merchandise from the Barbie Truck Tour
The Barbie Truck Tour is setting up shop near the Cherry Hill Mall's food-court entrance on Saturday, October 14, from 10 am–7 pm. Photo: Courtesy of Barbie Truck Dreamhouse Living Tour

C’mon, Barbie fans—let’s go shopping!

The Barbie Dreamhouse Living Tour will make its final Garden State stop at the Cherry Hill Mall this Saturday, October 14.

The 2023 Barbie Truck Tour began this summer at the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention in Orlando, Florida, days before Greta Gerwig’s record-breaking Barbie movie hit theaters in July. The tour has been bringing colorful, whimsical merchandise to Barbie aficionados across the country since—including at the Garden State Plaza in Paramus and Menlo Park Mall in Edison. Prior Barbie-themed tours took place in 2019 and 2021.

Truck decked out in colorful Barbie logos

The Barbie Truck Tour has been traveling across the country since July. Photo: Courtesy of Barbie Truck Dreamhouse Living Tour

The tour celebrates the 60th anniversary of Barbie’s first Dreamhouse, released in 1962. Barbie-themed home accessories available for purchase include drink coasters, purple glass accessory cups with gold lids, and light pink throw blankets printed with groovy purple flowers.

Merchandise includes a lavender denim jacket with Barbie embroidery and a light pink corduroy baseball cap. Other fun accessories: A pink thermal water bottle and glass tumbler with Barbie straw toppers, travel pouches, a pink corduroy tote with lavender handles, a gold necklace with various Barbie charms, a glass mug with pops of pink and orange, and a set of patches (perfect for affixing to the tote or jacket!).

Barbie-themed merchandise, including a denim jacket, T-shirt, baseball cap, coasters, drinkware, and a tote bag filled with more Barbie-themed items

Choose from an array of colorful Barbie-themed merchandise and accessories. Photo: Courtesy of Barbie Truck Dreamhouse Living Tour

Adult-sized apparel ranges from $20 to $75, accessories $15 to $35, drinkware $24 to $35, housewares $15 to $40, and ceramics $15 to $30. Only credit cards are accepted (no cash).

Catch the Barbie Truck Tour at the Cherry Hill Mall near the food-court entrance from 10 am-7 pm on Saturday, October 14. Follow or partake in Barbie’s cross-country adventure with the hashtag #BarbieTruckTour on all social media platforms.

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