Author: Jennifer Weiss

Evelyn Axelrod Speaks

January 29, 2008

More than once, Evelyn Axelrod says, “I’ve said too much.” But the words come easily, perhaps because the wife of Herbert Axelrod—the pet-care magnate, philanthropist, and patron of the arts—is breaking her long silence about his controversial sale of 30 rare stringed instruments to the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

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Dr. Jeff Levine gained national attention last year when he shed almost 200 pounds—nearly half his weight—all in the name of reality TV.

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The quirkiest doctor show on TV is right at home in New Jersey.

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Marthon Man

January 28, 2008

Back in 1988, when Jon Solomon was fifteen and a deejay-in-training at WPRB in Princeton, 103.3 fm, he volunteered to fill the Christmas Eve slot in the station’s December schedule. He wasn’t busy that night, since he celebrates Hanukkah.

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Making Babies

December 21, 2007

Twenty years ago, the Baby M case shook the world. Since then, Thousands of New Jerseyans have created families with the help of reproductive medicine.

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Best of Jersey

December 20, 2007

We in the Garden State need to start demanding more. Here are a bunch who deliver.

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Petula Clark had it right when she sang, “The lights are much brighter there, you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares....” It was 1964, and everyone understood the allure of that one-word title, “Downtown.” It was a glamorous, skyscraping, urban beehive where “all the noise and the hurry seems to help.”

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The state trumpets its standing atop the household-income heap. So why are the wealthy fleeing, the middle-class struggling, and the poor getting poorer?

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Ode on a Tailpipe

December 19, 2007

Back in the 1990s, Bill Milbrodt of Howell bought a used Honda Accord and drove it until its odometer passed 185,000 miles.

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