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75-year-old Rev. Dr. Robert W. Ralph owns more than 250 ballpark seats, which he lovingly restores in his memorabilia-loaded workshop.

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Linda Stanton’s free annual festival, Lines on the Pines, is a harbinger of spring that celebrates the Pinelands region’s residents, history and culture.

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An Englewood bird enthusiast started the event, which has since gained global traction, in 1900. This year's Jersey count will take place December 14-January 5.

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Coleen T. Murphy, author of How We Age: The Science of Longevity, is "fascinated" by the genetic and biochemical elements behind longevity and aging.

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The pocket-sized relic is a portrait of his younger self, as well as of the journalism industry nearly half a century ago.

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A walkable downtown, al fresco dining and a nearly century-old theater make Pitman a destination.

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Many of the poems in George Witte's fourth collection, An Abundance of Caution, began on his Manhattan commute to St. Martin's Press, where he is editor in chief.

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Celebrated writer John McPhee has offered in-depth explorations of diverse subjects such as the Pine Barrens, Alaska and oranges. The Princeton resident takes a different tack in Tabula Rasa: Volume 1.

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In Garbage in the Garden State, Jordan P. Howell traces NJ's decades-long efforts to regulate and dispose of waste.

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Mary Treat, a naturalist who lived and worked in South Jersey, also corresponded with Charles Darwin, who praised her findings.

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