Best Places to Live

It’s not unusual for folks in Mendham Borough to lend their neighbors a hand. But more than the Morris County town’s strong sense of community makes it number one in New Jersey Monthly’s 2013 Top Towns survey....
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February 20, 2008

Hey, don't shoot the messenger! The statistical gap among the top ten towns is minimal; their appealing qualities, maximal yet varied....
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Side By Side

February 19, 2008

Thirty years ago, Chatham Township was fighting—literally—for respect from Chatham Borough. Now it finishes first among the state’s 566 municipalities in our biannual ranking. The Borough’s response? “Way to go!” ...
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Utopia, NJ

February 7, 2008

Many New Jerseyans yearn for the perfect address. Nearly 100 years ago, a few idealists created Free Acres as a hedge against increasing property taxes. Just a quaint notion? Not to those who remain....
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America’s It Address

February 6, 2008

Money magazine, in conjunction with CNN, recently named Moorestown the best darn place to live in all of America....
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Why Roosevelt

January 28, 2008

The Garden State crams 8.7 million people into 566 towns, and we’re crazy enough to try to rank them. ...
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Last year a major magazine rated a small South Jersey town the best place to live in America. But the people of Moorestown already knew that....
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Bill Clinton and Julia Roberts live here (but not together). Likewise, 67 John Kennedys and two Martha Stewarts. Could you have fun with a famous name?...
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England? No, New Jersey!

December 20, 2007

Rolling farmland, white steeples, charming inns—no need to spin the odometer when we have it all in our own pumpkin-picking, cider-pressing backyard....
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