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Mahmood I. Siddique, DO

About Mahmood I. Siddique

Dr. Mahmood Siddique is a quadruple board-certified professional, specializing in internal medicine, sleep disorders, pulmonology, critical care, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, weight management, and non-invasive cosmetic and laser surgery. His extensive expertise empowers him to address a wide spectrum of health needs with confidence and precision.

Sleep and Wellness Medical Associates redefines preventative and restorative medicine. The caring, compassionate staff takes the time to truly understand patients, crafting customized programs tailored to each person’s unique requirements. Patients can embrace the transformative power of functional and integrative medicine and can witness Dr. Siddique’s passion for this approach in every interaction.

Beyond conventional medicine, Dr. Siddique prioritizes lifestyle changes, hormone balance, anti-inflammatory nutrition, toxin removal, and stress management. His aim is simple yet profound: to optimize patients’ wellness and vitality. Dr. Siddique emphasizes, “The goal is always to restore balance and reverse the aging process.”