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We asked more than 26,000 New Jersey doctors to tell us which of their fellow practitioners they consider New Jersey’s best doctors. The result: Our 2023 Jersey Choice list of the state’s 1,044 Top Doctors, as chosen by their peers. View our methodology, frequently asked questions and professional advisory board here.

Manal F. Youssef-Bessler, MD

About Manal F. Youssef-Bessler

Drs. Manal Youssef-Bessler and Marjut Kokkola-Korpela use a very comprehensive approach to patient care. “We believe there is an art to practicing medicine,” says Dr. Youssef-Bessler, the founder of the Infectious Disease Center of New Jersey. “Our physicians understand that, think outside the box, and treat the patient as a whole.”

These Top Doctors, who are board certified in infectious disease and internal medicine, specialize in complex cases, including severe sepsis and septic shock, endocarditis, bloodstream infections, and diabetic wound infections. They are also very experienced in dealing with infections in patients who have cancer or are immunocompromised. “We remain the physicians of choice when it comes to breast, orthopedic, and central nervous system infections, as well as their associated post-operative complications,” says Dr. Youssef-Bessler. The practice, which includes Dr. Janet Lin, Dr. Tatiana Mouravskaia, and Dr. Yitzchak Ariel, also focuses on HIV care, women’s health, tick-borne diseases, fever of unknown origin, and tropical infections.

“We have expanded the clinic hours and infectious diseases services we offer, while still serving patients at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center,” Dr. Youssef-Bessler says. Their office includes on-site X-rays, EKG tests, and full labs, including rapid COVID, HIV, mononucleosis, strep, and urine testing.

These Top Doctors, who teach medical students, residents, and infectious disease fellows at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center, base their work on a quote from Sir William Osler: “The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade; a calling, not a business; a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head.”

HOSPITAL AFFILIATIONS: Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston; Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, West Orange.