January 2022: 52 Things You Must Do in New Jersey

As you set goals and make plans for this year, consult our comprehensive “52 Things You Must Do in New Jersey” guide.

The carefully curated list is the ultimate guide to fun, thrilling and, most importantly, only-in-New Jersey experiences to enjoy in 2022. If you’re really ambitious, visit one place a week.

Use the hashtag #52ThingsNJ on Instagram or Twitter to share your favorite things to do in New Jersey.

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A Look at NJ’s 2022 Winter Weather and Snow Expectations

South Jersey saw its first big winter storm of 2022 on Monday, marking the start of what we’re told is actually expected to be an average winter in the Garden State.

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NJ Moon Rituals Illuminate Intentions for the New Year

These increasingly popular ceremonies, rooted in ancient cultures, invite participants to let go of past burdens and set meaningful future intentions.

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Funk Pioneer George Clinton Reflects on Newark Days

Before ushering in a crucial chapter of funk’s history, the founder of Parliament and Funkadelic did hair at Newark’s star-studded Supreme barbershop.

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New Book ‘People Love Dead Jews’ Is Meant to Make You Uneasy

“I’ve discovered that the uncomfortable moments are usually where the story is,” says author Dara Horn.

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NJ Designers Share Top Home Trends for 2022

Expert advice for beautiful, livable spaces—indoors and out.

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Stylish Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Elegant outerwear to protect you from the elements.

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‘I Created a Masterpiece’: Camden Program Teaches Students How to Build Boats

Through Urban BoatWorks, middle and high school students learn skills to build wooden vessels, problem solve and become productive leaders.

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What New Jersey’s Leaders Must Do in 2022

New Jerseyans are facing serious challenges. Here’s what needs to be done.

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Camden Basketball Star DJ Wagner is Third-Generation Hoops Royalty

Wagner, a junior at Camden High School, is the son and grandson of legendary Camden players. He’s also one of the top prospects in the country.

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What Life Is Like for Afghan Refugees at NJ’s ‘Liberty Village’

Though grateful for a safe landing in the U.S., thousands of refugees—in limbo on a sprawling Pine Barrens military base—now face resettlement challenges.

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52 Things You Must Do in New Jersey

The best places and experiences to check off your list.

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How Covid-19 Changed the Way We Work in New Jersey

Many New Jerseyans have turned over a new leaf and reimagined their careers and workplaces amid the pandemic.

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‘Not in My Town!’ Many New Jerseyans Resist Marijuana Dispensaries Close to Home

Despite NJ’s vote to legalize recreational marijuana, some local leaders and residents don’t want dispensaries in their communities—at least for now.

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Meet the Winners of Our 2021 Scavenger Hunt

Our readers gave us their best shots at 36 iconic spots all over the Garden State.

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She’s a Medium. He’s a Reiki Master (and Former Cop). This is Their Dream Home

Kathleen and Philip Foley transformed a run-down Pine Barrens property into a powerfully peaceful retreat.

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June BYOB Reviewed: Sophisticated French Cuisine in Collingswood

Rich and Christina Cusack reopened their intimate restaurant after its original Philly location closed six months into the pandemic.

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Water Service at NJ Restaurants is Surprisingly Complicated

Whether it’s tap or bottled, water is typically taken for granted by the dining public. But for restaurateurs, it’s a labor cost—and a potential profit point.

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Muang Thai Offers Comprehensive Menu of Classics

The casual Red Bank restaurant is popular with customers craving authentic Asian cuisine.

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The Irish Pub Hearkens Back to Atlantic City’s 1920s Heyday

The antique bar in an inexpensive Victorian inn offers budget-friendly Irish eats and pours libations late into the night.

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The Rise of Orange Wines in Jersey and Beyond

Orange wines are more full-bodied than most whites and offer a range of engaging flavors, from floral to tropical to savory.

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NJ Community Leaders Share Their New Year Resolutions

Here’s what local luminaries are determined to do for the Garden State in 2022.

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