A Guide to Korean Restaurants in Palisades Park

When you crave new tastes, head to Bergen County’s Palisades Park for authentic Korean food.

Beef short ribs
Try succulent short ribs in Palisades Park. Photo: Shutterstock/Lyudmila Mikhailovskaya

When you crave new tastes, head to Bergen County’s Palisades Park for authentic Korean food. According to 2020 Census data, roughly half the population is of Korean heritage.

Businesses up and down Broad Avenue, the main thoroughfare, can be counted on for steaming bowls of jjigae stew (meat, fish or veggie).

So Moon Nan Jip is a comfortable and lively spot for Korean barbecue, cooked over flames right at your table. If you have yet to experience the art and communal joy that is a night of Korean barbecue, this is the spot for you.

Marinated short ribs (gal-bi) and pork belly are musts, and come with an array of veggie sides, mostly mostly pickled (banchan).

Jin Go Gae Catering is an equally lively grab-and-go, counters lined with prepared meats, sides, glass noodles with veggies and more. Delightful recent finds: stir-fried anchovies and almonds; crispy rice with chestnuts and dried fruits. Kimchi fan? Bring home a gallon in a handsome glass jar.

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For modern Korean, fast-casual, check out the huge menu of brightly lit Bunsik Nara, often filled with sociable groups sharing plates.

First-timer? Try Bunsik’s classic rice stew bibimbap, sushi (veggie roll with cheese for something different), pork dumplings filled with chewy noodles and rice cakes simmered with spicy sauce and ribbons of fish cake.

Fried chicken? For Korean style (light batter, double-fried, extra crispy) your recourse is Mama Chicken, which serves the whole bird.

So Moon Nan Jip, 238 Broad Avenue, 201-944-3998; Jin Go Gae Catering, 248 Broad Avenue, 201-944-8445; Bunsik Nara, 254 Broad Avenue, 201-944-2674; Mama Chicken, 252 Broad Street, 201-461-7900

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