This Year’s Hottest Halloween Costumes

Still in need of a fun, creative Halloween costume? These fun and frightening suggestions are a real treat.

Born in the USA Album Cover


Everybody loves a classic, and with the recent release of Springsteen’s best-selling memoir Born To Run, the time is right to get out your muscle tee, faded Levis, and red cap. If anybody asks, just turn around and strike Bruce’s hip-jutting pose.

Stranger Things Characters

The 80s-inspired Netflix sci-fi series exploded in popularity this year. Even if you haven’t watched (sidebar: why haven’t you watched?!), you’ve definitely seen some of the show’s the iconic images floating around the internet; Winona Rider’s character, Joyce, clutching a ball of Christmas lights, or Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven in her punk-meets-abduction shaved head and pink dress look. If you’re looking for a crafty DIY look this Halloween, try rigging up the wall Joyce constructs to communicate with her missing son. All you’ll need is a floral shirt reminiscent of 80s wallpaper, a string of lights to wrap around yourself, and a marker to draw on the letters of the alphabet. Go the extra mile with lights that blink on and off, you’ll be the light of the party.

An Organic Jersey Tomato

Everyone loves a Jersey tomato. This Halloween, pay homage to both trend and tradition in head-to-toe red, with a tuft of green atop your head, and plenty of stickers that say “Non-GMO,” “Organic,” and “Pesticide-Free.” You’ll be healthy and delicious!

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad


Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn character from the summer box office hit, Suicide Squad, is one of the most in-demand costumes this Halloween. Maybe it’s the double-dyed pigtails, or maybe it’s the unsettling grin. Either way, you’re bound to see plenty of Harley Quinns out this year, and if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! (Suicide) squad-up.

The George Washington Bridge

Got Bridgegate on the brain? If you’re looking for a satirical costume, celebrate the season with a pithy nod to the ongoing trial. Decorate a party hat to look like one of the dreaded orange traffic cones from the lane closures, and hang a “Closed For Traffic Study” sign around your neck.

Pokemon Go Characters

Choose your favorite Pokemon, or get a whole team together. The beloved mobile game prompted sales of adult Pokemon costumes like never before- most of which consist of convenient and comfortable onesies. Perfect for rolling into bed with a bag of candy at the end of the night.

The Jersey Devil

jersey-devilIf the Jersey tomato isn’t your scene but you’re seeing red this Halloween, embody one of Jersey’s favorite urban legends, the Jersey Devil. Most stories describe him as having the head of a horse and demon’s wings, but as with most urban legends, any definitive description has been lost through over a century of telephone. Go winged, hooved, caped, horned; sky’s the limit for this underworld character.

Bill Clinton with Balloons

It’s been a tumultuous presidential election, but plenty humor has been mined from the madness. There will be plenty of Donald Trumps and Hillary Clintons trick-or-treating this year, so make your political costume unique. Recreate the merrymaking between Bill Clinton and his balloons at the end of the Democratic National Convention. Any suit will do; just pair a red power tie with the red, white and blue balloons and bop around with a look of sheer joy on your face.

Colonial Zombie


Zombies hold a special place in the hearts of Americans; from The Walking Dead to the Zombie Run, we’re always looking for excuses to be—or be chased by—the undead. Put a Jersey twist on your costume this year with a nod at the Revolutionary War, and the many spooky stories that accompanied the early days of colonial settlement.

Luke from Gilmore Girls


With the revival of Gilmore Girls right around the corner and Luke’s Diner pop-ups sprouting around the country, it’s never been a better time to don a backwards hat and flannel shirt in the name of coffee. Don’t forget your coffee pot and notepad for scribbling orders (like more coffee).

Got a creative costume this year? Tell us about it in the comments!



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