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Latin American Restaurant-Pollo on Grill

A tasty, inexpensive place to duck into (especially for takeout).

Latin American Restaurant-Pollo on Grill
515 Market St., Camden

Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 AM-5 PM


Style: Bare-bones storefront offering Puerto Rican specialties. With only five small tables and no servers (you order at the counter) the eatery is best for takeout.

Don’t Miss: Nibble on fried savory or sweet plantains ($2.99) or a chicken empanada ($1.50) doused with hot sauce while you wait for dishes like grilled chicken ($7 per quarter) or roasted pork shoulder ($8) to be packaged and handed to you across the counter. (The waits isn’t long. These are already cooked in large pots.) Mondongo, a tripe soup ($4-$8), and carne guisada, a beef stew ($8) don’t come with rice, so order arroz blanco ($2.99) or arroz con gandules (rice and peas; $2.99) to round out the meal. Goat stew is $15.99. If you have time, made-to-order dishes served in plates are worth the wait. These include pasta with lobster ($34.99) or scallops ($14.99). Breakfast is fairly American, like the aww-shucks Country Style (two eggs, pork chop, home fries, $6.99) and the King Steak omelet (two eggs scrambled with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and flank steak, $6.99). On the Latin side, there are huevoes rancheros ($5.99) and Caribbean breakfast (mashed plantains, two eggs, fried cheese and Spanish salami, $6.99).

Heads Up: In a glass case under a heat lamp, a variety of fried finger foods called “frituras” ($1.50) are ready for snacking on the go. Puerto Rican cooking utilizes various organ meats and possibly unfamiliar cuts. If you’re unsure what kind of meat is in a dish, just ask.

The Scoop: There are good Puerto Rican and Mexican places in other parts of Camden, but Latin American is virtually the only one downtown. Situated near the federal and county courthouses and directly across Market Street from City Hall, it gets plenty of foot traffic.

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