Author: Christina Colizza

Traditions hang tough as change comes to the barrier island.

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The barrier island is ripe with inviting hotels and resorts.

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Jared Gilman, best known for his role in Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, enjoys the best of both worlds.

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The mystery behind the 300 Stone Steps is revealed—yet the myths of its origins live on.

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Zachary Brooks was inspired to raise autism awareness after his twin, Jack, was diagnosed with the condition.

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After losing her daughter to a rare form of cancer, Kristen Gillette created the Kortney Rose Foundation to raise funds for pediatric brain tumor research, education and awareness.

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Author A.J. Colucci creates a horrifying alternative reality while exploring the nature of human courage and maternal bonds.

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For most it’s the faint smell of sea salt off the causeway, or pastel 50s cruisers along the road, that let people know they’re at the shore. Residents in Margate know the shore by something else: a 6-story tall tin elephant named Lucy, who will celebrate her 133rd birthday on Saturday, July 19th from 10:00am – 8:00pm.

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Erik Hendrickson takes his love of bikes to new heights with his business, Hi Cycles.

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Action Park was once a site known more for its accidents than its rides. Now it's back, with all the thrills and none of the spills

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