Author: Patricia Alex

As households flee urban areas in search of home offices, backyards and more space to ride out the pandemic, demand has gone "through the roof."

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Discovering our better selves in a time of uncertainty.

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As advertising support continues to dwindle, NJ's news operations flirt with fresh revenue options.

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Stories of sacrifice, service and resilience.

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Local donors have responded after the coronavirus outbreak spurred fears of a drastic shortage.

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Lake Hopatcong homeowners and businesses hope state programs and favorable weather can help quash last summer's disastrous algae invasion.

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Carolyn Curtin's crusade to restore her Victorian home led to a stockpiling of salvaged home goods, period treasures and endless curiosities.

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Megaships and mammoth machines keep Jersey’s Port of Newark and Elizabeth at the center of the regional economy.

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Currently based in Port Newark, the Seamen’s Church Institute of the Episcopal Church advocates for the spiritual—and earthly—needs of mariners.

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A veteran administrator takes on the challenge of leading Paterson's troubled schools out of the dark days of state control.

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