May 2020: Excellence in Nursing

A good part of this month’s issue is dedicated to a salute of the state’s finest nurses, as recognized by the DAISY Foundation and the New Jersey State Nurses Association (NJSNA).

This editorial project was in the works for almost a year. As we finished it, we witnessed a new demonstration of the excellence of our nursing professionals. As of March 20, almost 500 additional nurses—including school and company nurses—had answered the NJSNA’s call for volunteers to work on the front lines against the coronavirus pandemic.

To these dedicated individuals, and to all who have walked into the eye of the storm to help their neighbors, we offer heartfelt thanks. Stay safe.

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Garden Variety

This Sparta Artist Built a Stained-Glass Cabin

Neile Cooper’s special space in Sussex County is rich with color and nature-inspired images.

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Meet the Winner of Our First-Ever Cutest Pet Contest

Kiwi, an 18-year-old Senegal parrot living in Bergen County, boasts a devoted online following.

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Miguel Cervantes Is No Stranger to Twists of Fate

The actor had just begun performing as Broadway’s new Hamilton when the coronavirus hit.

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7 NJ Museums You Can Visit Virtually

Stuck at home? Browse these collections from your couch.

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Novel Examines Rural Seclusion, Resilience of Women

In her new book, “Shiner,” Amy Jo Burns wanted to tell a story of “people who feel forgotten in a forgotten place.”

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5 Ways to Embrace the Power of Pink This Spring

The season’s hippest trends include translucent accessories and chic metallics.

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7 Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Adore

Tokens and treasures to pay homage to all the maternal figures in your world.

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Steve Adubato: Only in NJ

Are Jersey Workplaces Safer Amid #MeToo?

A Q&A with Patricia Teffenhart, executive director of the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

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Giving Back

The Community FoodBank of New Jersey Is More Essential Than Ever

Amid the coronavirus emergency, our state’s largest anti-hunger organization labors around the clock to feed NJ’s most vulnerable residents.

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How Alfa Demmellash Empowers At-Need Communities

The CEO and cofounder of Rising Tide Capital has emerged as an effective force in helping aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their American dream.

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Q&A with Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli: How Is NJ Responding to COVID-19?

The state’s top health official describes our latest coronavirus efforts and shares advice on testing, treatment and prevention.

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Our Inaugural Nod to Excellence in Nursing

From routine care to helping deal with a global health crisis, nurses play an outsize role in the medical community.

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Excellence in Nursing: Meet 6 Top Health-Care Professionals

DAISY Award winners share their approaches to compassionate care.

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Excellence in Nursing: C.A.R.E.S. Award Winners

The New Jersey State Nurses Association honors top professionals in the field.

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Will We Ever Get Our Gateway Tunnel?

Plans are in place. Crews are getting ready. Now, all that’s required for the much-needed Gateway Tunnel under the Hudson is the federal funding. (Don’t hold your breath.)

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Jersey’s Steps to Create a No-Hate State

As bias crimes proliferate, New Jersey is working to combat slurs and violence. 

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Eat & Drink

Alone Together: Dispatches from the Jersey Restaurant World

As residents continue to shelter in place, restaurants miss us even more than we miss them.

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Exit Ramp

What to Know About Venomous Snakes in New Jersey

Copperheads and timber rattlesnakes feel right at home in our state’s northern slopes and southern wetlands.

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