The Complete Jersey Guide To Beer

Had it with mass-produced suds? Ready for real flavor? Grab a stool and we'll bring you up to speed on the best thing to happen to brewing since the repeal of prohibition.

“Fresh and local” is the founding principal of the locavore food movement. Lately, New Jersey beer lovers have gotten into the act. Beer fans who long had thought the height of sophistication was ordering a Heineken have been swept up in a tide of wheat beers, IPAs and stouts made right here in New Jersey.

Enjoyment of craft beer can be much like appreciating fine wine. Craft connoisseurs know which glass to use with which style of beer and how to pair beer with food. They swirl and sniff their beer in the glass before drinking, then let it glide slowly over their tongues to savor the flavor and mouth feel. Gulpers and guzzlers are missing the boat.

This heightened sophistication feeds on—and has fed—the growing presence of craft brewers and brewpubs throughout the state. It’s good business for New Jersey—a new and thriving industry, albeit one that aims to renew the Garden State’s former stature as a major brewing state.

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The Art of Craft
New Jersey’s rapidly growing craft-brewing industry is creating—and slaking—a statewide thirst for local beer with character.

The Top Tap Rooms
Thirsty? Here are 26 great watering holes to bring out the craft-beer lover in you.

10 Jersey Beers You’ve Got To Try
With so much fabulous foam being brewed in New Jersey, we asked the experts who pull the taps to name some of their favorite local beers. (The Flying Fish and River Horse selections are available in bottles; the others are available only from the keg.)

Beer Appreciation 101
Mastering the art of storing, pouring, savoring and pairing your favorite brew.

Who’s Who In Jersey Brewing
Your detailed guide to New Jersey breweries and brewpubs.

What Makes A Beer Expert?
Were you aware that a certified beer expert is known as a Cicerone? We explain how a person becomes one, and how this level of expertise impacts the hospitality and beverage industries.

Food and Beer: Perfect Pairings
Experts from around the state share their knowledge about food and beer pairings to help us find the perfect combinations.

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