Author: Caren Chesler

At the Shore, kids can cruise for not-so-hidden treasure.

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For Nicole and Kimberly, both now 73, their journeys couldn’t have come soon enough.

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Generations of families have spent summers relaxing, attending church and Bible studies, and socializing in the community’s tent city.

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A Tale of Two Sisters

October 12, 2017

Reunited, they learn of their different paths.

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After years of false starts, the city's redevelopment is finally riding a wave of success.

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Asbury Park’s downtown has a fun and funky vibe, with a rock ’n‘ roll heritage second to none.

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Five Elements Robotics in Wall manufactures robots designed to assist the elderly or people with disabilities.

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E-cigarettes, once simply a means to quit smoking, have spawned a new culture, with meeting places, collectible pipes and a rainbow of fruity flavors.

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NJ’s sewage systems are old and overburdened. Are we doing enough to protect our waters—and our health?

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Hurricane Sandy is just the latest calamity to strike the tough old towns along the Raritan Bay. From Keyport to Keansburg to Highlands, here’s how they’re bouncing back.

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