Author: Katie Kortebein

Katie Kortebein is a Research Assistant for New Jersey Monthly. She is a recent transplant from Arkansas and loving her new northern home. She still feels uncomfortable letting people pump her gas for her though.
Curl up with a good book while you bask in the sun this summer.

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The first rule of New Jersey Monthly's Book Club? Always talk about New Jersey Monthly's Book Club.

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This is your go-to list of music festivals from Memorial Day weekend through August around New Jersey.

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The Committed Pig

May 14, 2015

The menu has a Pork Roll section, but the big thing in every sense are the burgers.

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Our favorite, little-known Garden State factoids, courtesy of Russell Robert's book "Rediscover the Hidden New Jersey."

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A River Edge sophomore has earned $70,000 in seven months from his popular online game.

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Got a family heirloom in need of restoration or a garage-sale find and requires sprucing up? Here's your guide to Jersey's top fix-it professionals.

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Where to find Jersey's best cuppa joe.

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With Valentine’s Day looming, our reporter tries an adventure in speed dating. (All names changed to protect the not-so-innocent.)

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