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Charlie Patel spent his youth helping his family making ends meet with odd jobs. Today he's used that entrepreneurial spirit to co-found a digital marketing agency.

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At Princeton during wartime, the great man joined students in reading from the Haggadah.

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No longer hiding her Muslim identity, author Amani Al-Khatahtbeh discusses her faith, her website and her youth in New Jersey.

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Fetal alcohol syndrome is a growing crisis in New Jersey. Here’s how the state is fighting back against this totally preventable disorder.

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At Camp Nejeda, kids with type 1 diabetes can just be kids.

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With more than 20 new businesses setting up shop in the past year, downtown Somerville is on the way to becoming a great shopping and dining destination.

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Break out the wet naps. These delectable barbecue joints will light your fire.

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Texas, Memphis and South Carolina styles shine at these scintillating barbecue spots.

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Coworking offices aim to breed entrepreneurs. Collaborators and eavesdroppers welcome!

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