Recipe: Fennel, Feta and Kalamata Olive Salad

Complementary flavors and textures make this simple salad from chef and author George Kyrtatas a winner.

In this spin on a classic Greek salad from Kyrtatas—author of My Big Fat Greek Feast (Small Potatoes Press, 2004), owner of Hathaway’s in Cinnaminson and director of the website—the anise flavor of the fennel serves as a pleasing counterpoint to the saltiness of the cheese and olives. Even when sliced thin, the fennel adds a nice crunchy texture. For an aromatic boost, the feathery fennel fronds can be chopped and sprinkled over the top of the finished dish.

Serving Size: 4

Amount  Measure     Ingredient—Preparation Method
——–      ————    ——————————–
1/2            pound           fennel bulbs (1 bulb)
1/4             cup              lemon juice
1           tablespoon       olive oil
1/4        teaspoon          sugar
1/8        teaspoon          salt
1/8        teaspoon          pepper
4            ounces            feta cheese—crumbled
1/4           cup                kalamata olive—pitted and chopped

Directions: Clean fennel well and remove outer layers and top stocks.
(Top portion may  be frozen and used for flavoring at a later time)

• On a mandoline slice fennel into the thinnest shreds possible.

• Then soak fennel in ice water for 1/2 hour. Then drain.

• In a bowl mix sugar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

• Toss in the shredded fennel.

• Top with chopped olives and crumbled feta cheese.

Notes: Fennel has a very strong licorice flavor, but when you shread the bulb and add the other components to this recipe, the fennel is a sweet background flavor to an incredible salad.

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