Author: Lynn Martenstein

Fresh seafood and Victorian charm abound. Plus, choices run the gamut from pancakes and pizza to fine dining in posh settings.

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Like many wingless folks, avians make their way to the southern tip of the state to rest and refuel.

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They’re not real diamonds, but rather quartz stones that were swept out of pockets of the mineral upstream and carried downriver.

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Throughout summer, family and friends gather to honor a U.S. veteran at a beachfront flag-lowering ceremony in Cape May Point.

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For 27 years, in all four seasons, beloved chef Leslie Hurley kept pace with the changing tastes of her visitors.

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Two longtime restaurateurs are back with a modern Mediterranean taverna.

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At the C-View Inn, wings take center stage amid hearty pub staples.

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Staples along the Jersey coastline sure to satisfy every summer craving.

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As Jerseyans cautiously emerge from the clutches of Covid-19, restaurants greet them with a generous helping of sun, moon, stars and fresh air.

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With discarded shutters and other raw materials, Jack Riehl builds birdhouses that end up on porches, mantels and bookshelves all over the world.

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