Author: Lynn Martenstein

Staples along the Jersey coastline sure to satisfy every summer craving.

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As Jerseyans cautiously emerge from the clutches of Covid-19, restaurants greet them with a generous helping of sun, moon, stars and fresh air.

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With discarded shutters and other raw materials, Jack Riehl builds birdhouses that end up on porches, mantels and bookshelves all over the world.

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Recent tales of caring, sharing and innovation.

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6 inspiring stories of generosity from around the state.

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These rookie standouts bring variety and vivacity to a statewide scene that hits for power and average.

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The resort town boasts off-season perks aplenty.

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The Cape May restaurant, opened in 2016, serves creative takes on tapas, sushi and pub favorites in a scenic location.

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The redesigned space is sleeker and crisper, but much of the local favorite's menu remains unchanged.

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Chef/owner Mark Viggiano opened the Italian BYO this spring, and it has already become a popular dining destination.

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