Author: Mary Ann Castronovo Fusco

“This is where the motion picture industry started, and this is where a theater belongs to commemorate that,” says Mayor Mark Sokolich.

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The dining scene in this cozy, cosmopolitan suburb is on all but full display within a few blocks of its train station. Here are our top picks for where to eat.

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The Italian-born artist/actor says his first visit to New Jersey changed everything.

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Vinnie Bruno, 65, has become a rock star in his own right, giving lectures on the Beatles and other 1960s music acts around the country.

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Sister on the Run

December 7, 2018

Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd of the Religious Teachers Filippini rises at 4:30 most days to get in a run before morning prayer and Mass. At 69, the sister still competes in long-distance runs for charity and to call attention to her favorite causes, although her pace has slowed to an 11-minute mile.

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Steve Perillo, CEO of Perillo Tours, keeps the family travel business humming while navigating his own road as a respected composer.

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The noted scholar Fabio Parasecoli reflects on his Roman roots, his travels and on Italian-American cooking.

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At One River School of Art + Design, kids are learning the importance of having art in their lives.

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New Jersey's dining scene is booming. Where to begin? Our list of the Best New Restaurants of 2017 will help you discover new, tasty destinations.

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Teaneck milliner applies his creative touch to a family tradition.

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