Author: Peg Rosen

Rich in Mexican-American communities, New Jersey abounds in places to enjoy this approachable, affordable and family-friendly cuisine

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Forming a top-flight team, an accomplished chef and an astute general manager return one of the state's most honored marquees to destination status.

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The Manor in West Orange is a leader in high-end weddings, but its lesser known dining room, the Terrace Lounge, turns back the clock in a worthy way.

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Our intrepid writer and her hubby try Fort Lee’s new upscale movie dining experience, iPic. Need more napkins!

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New Jersey's dining scene is booming. Where to begin? Our list of the Best New Restaurants of 2017 will help you discover new, tasty destinations.

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Named for early-1700s pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the Bonney Read, the Asbury Park seafood house that opened in 2015, is pretty shipshape.

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January 12, 2017

At age 26, chef Robbie Felice is on what promises to be a journey worth following. His restaurant's name, Viaggio, means “journey” in Italian.

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An entrepreneur and a winemaker revive Jersey hard cider, a quaff enjoyed by George Washington himself.

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Boulevard Seafood Company

August 18, 2016

the new Boulevard Seafood Company, which is a restaurant, and Conlin’s, a French Bakery, are joined at the hip—literally, in that they share a single storefront; and figuratively, in their sensibility.

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Upscale restaurants are switching to plates and bowls by ceramicist Jono Pandolfi, whose stoneware makes porcelain seem prissy.

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