May 2018: Diners and Dives

Fun, fast and cheap! The food that made Jersey famous.

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Delicious Diners and Dope Dives

25 Jersey Diners We Love

Hey, who luvs ya? Who’s always happy to see ya and treats ya rights? Jersey’s plebeian palaces, the gleaming diners, are a state staple. We’ve picked 25 of our favorites.

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Old-School Never Gets Old: These Classic Diners Still Shine

Romance is written in chrome and neon at these old-school diners.

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Classic Diners, Offering a Glimpse Into the Past, are True Jersey Gems

The Garden State was once the world’s leading manufacturer of sleek and shiny diners. Those days are over—but Jersey remains the diner capital of the world.

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For This Diner Waitress, It’s a Long Day’s Journey into Lunch

Dispensing coffee, heavy platters and light endearments, the diner waitress works hard for the money but loves the job.

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20 Jersey Dives We Dig

A dive can be old, but it can’t be just any old place. It should have a big heart, even if it’s small. A dive won’t bust your budget. Most of all, you leave wanting to come back.

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With Modern Adaptations, These Are Not Your Granddad’s Diners

Times and tastes change. The state’s diners must adapt to an evolving customer base, but some things will always stay the same.

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Sex on the Spectrum

Yes, people with autism can enjoy healthy relationships, but navigating social situations presents unique challenges.

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Tammy Murphy and Her Husband are In it Together

Tammy Murphy still isn’t used to people calling her “first lady.”

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Revisiting Einstein’s Brain, Six Decades Later

What went on between the ears of the legendary Princeton genius? More than 60 years after his death, we’re still pondering that mystery.

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Garden Variety

Automata is Art That Moves, and Moves You

In a new exhibit at the Morris Museum, whimsical robots and sculptures come to life with the push of a button or the turn of a crank.

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Lynn Ahrens: From a Boardwalk Town to Broadway Success

Tony-winning lyricist Lynn Ahrens is making a splash yet again on the Great White Way with the revival of “Once on This Island.”

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A Conversation with Steven Van Zandt

Little Steven Van Zandt talks with NJM about his induction into the New Jersey Hall of Fame, his Rock and Roll Forever Foundation, and whether he’ll make an appearance in the Sopranos sequel.

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NJIT Grad is Brewing a New Line of Watches

Brew Watch Co. was founded by Jonathan Ferrer in 2015 and draws inspiration from the coffee shops where he first started out.

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Soviet Underground Art Surfaces at Zimmerli Museum

The windfall of 17,300 objects, valued at $34 million, is the largest single gift ever made to the university. Many of the pieces are now on display for the first time in America.

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Only in NJ with Steve Adubato

Students & Free Speech

Where should schools draw the line?

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Eat & Drink

Lucky Numbers: Two Sevens in Princeton

The company behind three of Princeton’s most contemporary restaurants dips south of the border to create its latest crowd pleaser.

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Pisco: Brandy Latin-Style

Pisco, an unaged distilled spirit made in Peru and Chile, is the basis for the famous pisco sour cocktail. But pisco is becoming a mixology favorite and is turning up in enticing new cocktails.

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Polish, a Rarely Encountered Cuisine: Pierogies House in Morristown

At Pierogies House in Morristown, chef/owner Evelina Berc brings the hearty and affordable cooking of her home country to soul-stirring life. Yes, the wonderful pierogies are the heart of the small menu. But the soups are not to be missed.

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Cake Displays, Still the Most Eye-Catching Spot in a Diner

What’s the story with all those big cakes and pies you see at New Jersey diners? We asked three longtime owners of popular Jersey diners.

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Still Finding Its Way: White Maple Café in Ridgewood

Opened in 2016, White Maple Café in Ridgewood has found a following. But under its current chef, it still needs to raise its game in the kitchen and be more informed and polished in service.

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Home & Garden

Thanks to Airbnb, Many NJ Homeowners are Saying, “Be Our Guest”

Many Jersey homeowners are enjoying success as Airbnb hosts. Here’s how to turn your home or apartment into a cash cow.

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Exit Ramp

Playing Foot Golf Just for Kicks at Crystal Springs

Getting a grip on foot golf (and gravity).

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