Author: Ken Schlager

Their historic abode served as the setting for the 1998 movie One True Thing.

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Deemed one of the state's most endangered buildings in 2018, the Woodstown structure is now home to Farmers & Bankers Brewing—and a future event space.

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Developers are capitalizing on these historic, character-rich spaces—turning them into restaurants, event spaces, offices and even a vape shop.

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Rent a luxury car, get season tickets for less and more.

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New Jersey abounds in great public and semi-private golf courses.

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Searching for our state's notable dead may seem macabre, but these graveyards offer up history, art, serene landscapes and even poetry.

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Take a trek through the Great Swamp, where woodlands, grasslands, brooks and ponds provide a habitat for a wealth of aquatic life, birds and mammals.

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Put on your walking shoes and hike to Hemlock Falls, a 25-foot-high cascade in the heart of the 2,110-acre wooded oasis.

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The centerpiece of the project, a 50-year partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers, will be a series of dunes totaling 25,000 linear feet.

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