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Education 2014: The State of Our Schools

New Jersey Monthly's bi-annual education issue includes our ranking of the best schools in the state, an exploration of school reform, an in-depth look at the new PARCC testing and plenty more!

The Top High Schools 2014: Chatham Takes the Top Spot

Chatham rules the roost in this year’s rankings. How did your town's school rank? Check out our full list!

By Ken Schlager

From Rags to Rowan: President Ali Houshmand

Education helped Ali Houshmand escape poverty in Iran. Now he is thriving as the new president of a growing university.

By Robert Strauss

Best Places to Live in New Jersey 2013

Our bi-annual ranking of the best places in the Garden State to call home.

The Great Debate on School Reform

School reform is an ongoing point of contention that sparks plenty of debate. We asked commentators Bob Braun and Jonathan Alter to face off on the issue.

The New PARCC Tests: Are We Ready?

The Common Core program calls for new standardized tests. As New Jersey schools prepare for high-tech testing, some educators are asking: Why the rush?

By Neil deMause

Best Places to Live: The TV Show

Check out New Jersey Monthly’s Emmy®-winning NJTV series about top towns in the Garden State.

Tech Time: New Jersey's Vocational Schools

With an emphasis on science and math, a new wave of vocational schools is attracting some of Jersey’s brightest students.

By Leslie Garisto Pfaff

Princeton's Progress: The Case for Municipal Consolidation

For those who favor municipal consolidation, the merger of the two Princetons is the very model for a modern New Jersey.

By Jill P. Capuzzo

Photo by Patti Sapone/Star Ledger/Corbis.

Reinventing Rutgers: A High-Profile Consolidation Amid Controversy

Roiled by a coaching scandal, new university president Robert Barchi grapples with a long list of monumental tasks—including the merger with UMDNJ.

By Leslie Garisto Pfaff

Courtesy of Elizabeth Public Library.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving: NJ's Carnegie Libraries

Industrialist Andrew Carnegie built 36 libraries in New Jersey—each an architectural gem. Thanks to preservation efforts and creative reuse, most still serve their communities.

By Sharon Hazard

Photo by Colin Archer/Agency New Jersey.

Next Stop: Harrison

The little ethnic enclave a stone’s throw from Newark is becoming Jersey’s latest hotbed for urban redevelopment.

By Amanda Staab

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