Author: Daniel Loughmiller

Want to stay in a classic doo-wop hotel? Here are a few of the Wildwoods’ mid-century modern gems.

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Our “Jersey Choice/Best Of New Jersey” poll is running throughout all of 2014 on our website, with different categories on the ballot each month. For March, our readers voted for their favorites in culture and attractions.

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Kale-Ginger Margarita

February 19, 2014

"This is one of my favorite margarita recipes of all time," says Christine Busch, bartender of Goldie's in Asbury Park. "I'm a big kale fan and an even bigger ginger lover. Ginger pairs very well with tequila, so this drink makes perfect sense to me."

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"This is my go-to dish for winter," says Mark Hinchliffe, executive chef of Goldie's in Asbury Park. "Its perfect balance of flavors and textures keeps me coming back week after week."

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Queso Flameado Camionero

November 21, 2013

"Melted cheese dishes are a traditional Mexican snack," says James Muir, chef of Órale Mexican Kitchen in Jersey City. "There are many variations, incorporating accent ingredients. We offer four versions, including this one, with potatoes and chorizo, which makes a simple yet satisfying meal."

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Precision Cocktails

October 10, 2013

“I find cocktails made at home almost never taste as good as at a bar or restaurant,” says Bill Zucosky, executive chef of Strip House in Livingston. “Why? People don’t measure every single ingredient precisely. That’s the trick, the only trick. Here are two of our most popular. Don’t guesstimate! Measure accurately.”

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"Because I grew up overseas, this dish really tugs at my heartstrings," says Ben Nerenhausen, executive chef of Mistral in Princeton. "The exotic harissa paste packs a big flavor punch. The different textures of the fresh and dried chickpeas contrast nicely with the rich and gamey sausage. I like to pair it with a sheep's milk cheese and lots of herbs that really bring out the lamb flavor."

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Onsen Egg

August 29, 2013

"Onsen in Japanese is a hot spring," says Ben Nerenhausen, executive chef of Mistral in Princeton. "That suggests how we cook the egg, in hot water. I like this dish because it has multi-season versatility, able to highlight various vegetables in their prime. And who doesn't love a beautifully poached egg?

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Executive chef Jamie Knott of the Saddle River Inn shares his recipe for this hearty all-season warmer.

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One sign the economy is picking up? A bumper crop of ambitious restaurants and fun eateries hanging up shingles all over the state. One of them - Agricola, in Princeton - even made our Top 25. Here are 27 more worth checking out.

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