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Catching a Wave: Food Costumes Serve Up Business, and Fun

A runnymeade company’s funny food costumes let restaurants strut their stuff to drum up business.

By Tammy La Gorce

Food with a View: Waterfront Dining

Sunrise, sunset or anytime in between, these waterfront eateries offer a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

By Pat Tanner, Dana Inez, Maryrose Mullen, Tara Nurin

Best Breakfasts: 57 Hot Spots to Wake Up To

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so get it right with any of these under-the-radar Jersey staples.

Beyond Squid Ink: Chef Tattoos

In words, photos and recipes, a new book celebrates chefs’ tattoos and examines why so many have them.

By Eric Levin, Rosie Saferstein

Hungry for Meaning

A talk with former New York Times restaurant critic, now op-ed columnist, Frank Bruni, on teaching food writing at Princeton this semester.

By Pat Tanner

Sunnyside Up: Jersey's Egg Farm

At the last of Jersey’s big family egg farms, the rural life is all it’s cracked up to be.

By Sharon Hazard

In The Weeds: NJ's Edible Plants

A failed gardener finds joy and profit in wild (but delightfully edible) plants running amok in her Flemington yard.

By Leslie Garisto Pfaff

Oysters Rebound: The Revivial of a Jersey Crop

A young entrepreneur brings his “blue thumb” to the revival of the Jersey oyster, a sustainable crop that cleans the water and, yes, tastes great.

By Eric Levin

A New Leaf On Life

Tea is more than a beverage. As presented in our state’s best teahouses, it is an affordable luxury, a refreshing respite and a journey across cultures, from the ornate to the austere, even to the silently spiritual.

By Melody Kettle

New and Notable Restaurants of 2013

One sign the economy is picking up? A bumper crop of ambitious restaurants and fun eateries hanging up shingles all over the state. One of them - Agricola, in Princeton - even made our Top 25. Here are 27 more worth checking out.

2013 Jersey Choice Restaurant Poll

Our 30th annual Restaurant Poll reveals the best restaurants in New Jersey, as decided by readers and critics alike.

New Jersey's Top 25 Restaurants of 2013

Our critics pick from New Jersey's diverse dining scene to bring you 2013's best places to eat in the Garden State.

By Eric Levin

Brewed in Tribute: Gluten-Free Brewery with a Purpose

Brian Kulbacki’s gluten-free beers honor a friend with celiac, killed in a car crash.

By Lindsay Berra

The Complete Jersey Guide To Beer

Had it with mass-produced suds? Ready for real flavor? Grab a stool and we'll bring you up to speed on the best thing to happen to brewing since the repeal of prohibition.

Photo by David Michael Howarth.

Cheap Eats: Our Guide To Memorable Meals Under $15

Hungry for a bargain? Check out our mouthwatering guide to 74 memorable meals for under $15.


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