Restaurant Reviews

Redstone American Grill

December 21, 2007

The roaring fire in the stone hearth sets the outdoorsy, Western tone, and provides some comfort to the folks who… Read the rest

Arthur Imperatore Sr., born in West New York in 1925, made his first money in the food business delivering pickles… Read the rest

As sushi has gained in popularity, a new breed of sushi bar has sprung up, typically owned by enterprising Korean… Read the rest

Did some Chinese sage once decree, “May a thousand Chinese restaurants bloom in strip malls”? Not that we know of,… Read the rest

Once occupied by a neighborhood pizza joint known as Franco’s, this modest space has been transformed by its new owner,… Read the rest

montclair FOOD: Argentine grilled meats, empanadas, seviches AMBIENCE: Relaxed, warm. Crimson walls, salsa and tango in the air SERVICE: Friendly,… Read the rest

Silvery whole fish nestled in shaved ice shimmer in the light. Bright painted scenes of Greek fishing villages with swaths… Read the rest

Not only is sushi plentiful in South Jersey these days, the quality ranges from good to ridiculously good (examples of… Read the rest

The beguiling Vietnamese flavor palette of garlic, lemon grass, coriander, chili, ginger, and peanuts—and the cuisine’s contrast of crackling and… Read the rest

atlantic city food: Italian ambience: Sunny, gracious, elegant service: Skilled, responsive wine list: About 70 percent Italian; most bottles $25–$65… Read the rest

Does any celebrity chef spread him-self thinner than Wolfgang Puck? He commands an empire of four Spagos, eight other fine-dining restaurants, four Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafes, and thirteen Wolfgang Puck Express eateries, to say nothing of TV shows, cookbooks, cookware, frozen pizzas, soups, and catering.

Gables Inn and Restaurant

December 20, 2007

On Long Beach Island in the off-season, traffic lights blink yellow over empty streets. Most shops and restaurants go into… Read the rest

Middle Eastern rugs and pillows, beaded curtains, cracked goat’s-hide lampshades—you’re in for Middle Eastern food, right? Not quite. Apart from… Read the rest

So Frank Sinatra walked into the Bacchanal Room at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, and ordered steak au poivre. He was… Read the rest

With its high-ceilinged dining room, sweeping ocean views, and crackling fireplace, Avenue makes a theatrical statement. Just beyond the dining… Read the rest

Ted Iwachiw could open a restaurant pretty much where he chooses. He cooked at Striped Bass in Philadelphia under executive… Read the rest

At Christopher’s, in the prime location of the Heldrich Hotel, chef Tom Drake shows he’s ready for prime-time, even if the restaurant must smooth a few rough edges.

Like many people in Essex County, Tom Malanga can map his history along Bloomfield Avenue. He grew up in Newark,… Read the rest

For five years, chef Lance Knowling’s Indigo Smoke in Montclair has served excellent Kansas City barbeque and “new-city” soul food… Read the rest

Vegetarians, look away. Bourbon BBQ calls forth your inner caveperson. Taste chef Gary Needham’s meltingly tender chopped beef brisket or… Read the rest