Restaurant Reviews

Table 8

February 8, 2008

The way you’re greeted when you enter a restaurant can determine how much you’ll enjoy your meal. A surly, officious,… Read the rest

For many years a Chinese restaurant called the August Moon stood just opposite the Morristown train station. After it closed… Read the rest

Ginger & Spice is one of the most surprising restaurants I’ve come across in a long time. Located in a… Read the rest

You know a portion is large when people at the next table lean toward you and say, “Excuse me, we… Read the rest


February 7, 2008

The high ceilings and tall windows of Pizzicato invite gazing in—and out. Whether the patrons or the passersby have the… Read the rest

Flemington has needed a good restaurant for a long time, and in Matt’s Red Rooster Grill, it finally has one.… Read the rest

People who like the Tewksbury Inn and the old Chatfields in Gladstone will love the Fox and Hound Tavern. My… Read the rest

It’s just a little shoebox of a place, with 45 seats wedged into the cozy dining room, but since it… Read the rest

I’m very excited to hear that Chef Zod Arifai, whom I remember from Ten Square in Morristown, has opened his… Read the rest

Somehow I don’t expect much from a restaurant at the Westin Governor Morris. After all, none of the hotel’s previous… Read the rest

It takes more than good food and service to make a great restaurant. It takes a special awareness of clients… Read the rest

On weekends, Martino Linares Sr. walks jauntily around his self-named establishment checking the tables, wearing his white fedora—bought in Colombia,… Read the rest

Beyti Kebab, New Jersey’s first Turkish restaurant, is still going strong after 23 years. It began as a halal butcher… Read the rest

Going to the Black Forest Inn for dinner is like stepping into a time warp. The spacious inn with multiple… Read the rest

Fred Cherenfant had never cooked a meal before arriving in this country from his native Haiti in 1980. But after… Read the rest

This is yet another restaurant linked to a chef with an illustrious reputation. Michael Cetrulo, who owns Scalini Fedeli in… Read the rest

I’m not a steak snob or a meathead, as my wife, Sybil, would call a beef aficionado, but when the… Read the rest

Whenever I’m asked to recommend a restaurant for out-of-town visitors, Highlawn Pavilion is often at the top of my list.… Read the rest

Although Mountain Tearooms is off the beaten track, it’s easy to find. Just look for the sign with the rose,… Read the rest

To truly experience Richie Cecere’s, you must visit at least twice. On the first trip, eat downstairs, where dark paneled… Read the rest