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Orange and Olive

There are other top tasting menus, but none offer an experience quite like that of the Orange and Olive Chef’s Table.

By Eric Levin

Terre à Terre

Chef Todd Villani fills Terre à Terre (French for “down to earth”) with ethereal delights.

By Karen Tina Harrison


Chef Ryan DePersio and his partners grab the spotlight with Battello in Jersey City.

By Pat Tanner, Eric Levin


Marc Vetri, Philly’s master of Italian cooking, opens his first NJ outpost. It’s a spin-off (and can be pricey), but it's molto bene.

By Adam Erace

Pascal & Sabine

Asbury Park’s hippest restaurant creators take you on an enchanting culinary ride.

By Pat Tanner


High style, a river view and Peter Larsen’s food give Edgewater dining a new edge.

By Karen Tina Harrison

Scala del Nonna

Opening his fifth restaurant, onetime whiz kid Michael Cetrulo combines veteran know-how with youthful brio.

By Eric Levin


The concept: “Amazing food without preaching.” Add a sexy space, nice price and cocktails, and you’ll forget it’s vegan.

By Eric Levin

The Pass

Fleeing the summit of fine dining, Matt Ridgway swept floors and made prosciutto. Now he’s back, boldly elevating the basics.

By Jill P. Capuzzo

Orale Mexican Kitchen

Three veterans of Rosa Mexicano set out to channel the lively flavors and casual vibe of Mexico City in a place of their own. So far, so bueno.

By Karen Tina Harrison


From the owners of Princeton's Elements comes a casual, affordable, global tapas bar named for France's famous wind.

By Pat Tanner

Strip House

At Strip House, the wet-aged, prime steaks star, with strong support from side dishes and “naughty” decor.

By Karen Tina Harrison

Laura Moss

Saddle River Inn

The Saddle River Inn has undergone a gentle metamorphosis. New owners balance rustic tradition with modern sensibilities.

By Pat Tanner

Photo by Stuart Goldenberg.


Whether you say Agri-cola (wrong) or A-greek-o-la (correct; it’s Latin for farmer), Princeton’s new Agricola raises farm-to-table a nifty notch.

By Pat Tanner

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